2018 Muller Award Nomination Form

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Nomination Overview and Submission Process

If you know of an extraordinary teacher within the MƒA community who has influenced the teaching profession in exceptional ways, we invite you to nominate them as a candidate for the inaugural Muller Award for Professional Influence in Education. Please note that not all teachers are eligible — only current MƒA Master Teachers who are active in, at least, their second Master Teacher Fellowship are eligible for the award

If you are unsure if the teacher you have in mind is eligible, please refer to the complete list of teachers eligible for this award.

To nominate a teacher, we ask that you complete a Nomination Packet. The Nomination Packet will provide us with an understanding of how the MƒA Master Teacher you are nominating works to influence the broader mathematics or science teaching profession.

If you choose to nominate a teacher, you will be asked to submit the following information: 
  • Nomination Letter (no more than three single-spaced, typed pages)
  • 1-3 Artifacts of the teacher's influence on the teaching profession
  • Names and contact information of 2 additional colleagues who are willing to serve as professional references for the teacher
Please have ALL required materials ready before advancing to the next page as you will not be able to save your progress. 

Nominations are due May 1, 2018. 

If the teacher you nominate is selected as a finalist, you as well as the references you included will be contacted to take part in phone interviews to learn more about the teacher you nominated. 

Thank you for your willingness to recognize one of the many great teachers across New York City who positively influence the profession of teaching. We are working to recognize teachers as well as improve the public perception of the profession at large. Thank you for working alongside us in these efforts. 

If you have any questions, please contact: mullerawardforinfluence@mathforamerica.org

Note: MƒA Staff Members and current MƒA teachers are not eligible to serve as nominators, though current MƒA teachers may serve as references. 

By clicking ‘Next Page’ below, you will begin the nomination process. Please gather all materials listed above before starting to complete the information on the next page as you will need to upload materials in one sitting and thus, won’t be able to save your progress as you go

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Nomination Packet

The Nomination Packet is your opportunity to share how the MƒA Master Teacher you are nominating has used their professional influence to engage, encourage, and support others in the teaching profession. 

Please complete the fields below. Once all required fields are completed, click ‘Submit Nomination’ below to complete the nomination process and submit the Nomination Packet. Please note that you will not have access to edit your nomination packet after submission.

Tell us about yourself.

Please provide your contact information so we can be in touch with you. 

Tell us who you are nominating.

Begin typing the name of the teacher you are nominating and you should see their full name appear in the drop-down list, along with their current school. If you do not see their name, please refer to the complete list of teachers eligible for this award.

Upload your nomination letter.

Please upload a letter that details how the nominee meets the criteria for this award (see Award Criteria) and addresses the nominee’s influence and relevant qualities. The letter should not exceed three single-spaced, typed pages. The extent to which the letter makes a succinct case for the teacher is more important than the letter’s length. 

Upload nominee artifacts.

Please upload up to three artifacts that illustrate the nominee’s influence. This may include, but is not limited to, items authored by the nominee, materials produced under the nominee’s leadership, and media articles about the nominee or their work. 

Provide professional supporting references.

Please provide information for two individuals who support this nomination.  Only one of the references may be from the nominee’s current school. References will be contacted if the nominee is selected as a finalist.

Reference 1

Reference 2

We appreciate the time you have taken to compile and share this information about your nominee.
Please review your responses before submitting.
 You will not have access to edit your nomination after submission.

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